I called you at probably the worst point in my life. Jimmy and I were facing wage garnishment from the IRS for taxes owed from years ago and we were at our wit’s end about what to do.  So I called my cousin Joey and you listened to me, asked me some questions and told me what you would do to help us. Best of all, you didn’t yell at me for having 11 years unfiled taxes and getting into this mess in the first place.  You were understanding at a time when I needed that – we were sure we were going to lose everything. After I called you, I felt such a sense of relief that I was finally doing something about this problem. I didn’t know what to expect but I was so relieved to put the mess in someone else’s hands.  You stopped the wage garnishment right away, got all our back taxes done and helped us file our offer in compromise which reduced our $88,000 debt down to $1,200. That was like a miracle!!  I don’t know how to express how grateful we are to you.  You will always be my favorite cousin and I love you – thank you SO MUCH for what you did!  

Debbie S. – Cabool, Missouri 

(A brief, sad note here:  Debbie was my cousin.  She died about two months after we received her OIC approval.  She didn’t tell me, but she had terminal cancer and had been holding on long enough to get the tax problem fixed so that her husband wouldn’t have to deal with it after her passing.  I was angry with her for not telling me, but over time, I’ve come to understand it.)


Joe, you’re a hero in our eyes.  We got ourselves into a bad situation with the IRS because we didn’t file tax returns for 4 years.  The IRS kept hounding us to file tax returns and when we did have the returns done and the tax guy said how much we owed, we were devastated because we didn’t have the money to pay it and I was laid off from my job.  So, we kept getting the notices from the IRS demanding that we pay now and they wouldn’t give us a payment plan that we could keep up with. So for 6 years we couldn’t even have a bank account for fear that the IRS would take the money.  Jerry was forced to take only jobs that would pay him cash because the IRS would garnishee his wages if he went legit. It wasn’t our fault that we were in such a mess but the IRS just didn’t want to listen – they were heartless. Finally, a friend gave us your name and said that you knew what to do to help us (you had helped him last year).  We decided that maybe you could help – or at least you would listen to us and tell us what we needed to do. Well, you did listen to us and you took charge right away. You had us sign power of attorneys and then you gave us the best news we had had for 10 years – we qualified for a “fresh start”. You filed an offer in compromise for us – offering them $1,800 on our total debt of $116,000.  To our amazement – after 8 months of hand-wringing, THEY TOOK THE DEAL!! When you called us to tell us that they had accepted our offer, we almost had a heart attack. We can’t thank you enough! We can actually live in the real world now – Jerry just accepted a job with the State and we’ll have benefits and a retirement!! Something we were never going to have with the IRS mess hanging over our heads.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!

Jerry and Barbara R. – Fresno, California 


Joseph, you asked me to write a testimonial letter if I was happy with the results of my offer in compromise.  Well, here it is. But I have to tell you that this little letter doesn’t even begin to express how good I feel right now compared to my life just a year ago.  I was to the point where I actually was contemplating if my life was worth living. I had IRS debt of over $210,000 and I hadn’t filed in 4 years. And even though I was making okay money at my job, there was no way I was going to be able to pay that much and still live.  I was already claiming 10 exemptions on my paycheck just to make ends meet. 

I know it was stupid, but I just kept ignoring the threatening letters from IRS, thinking that if I didn’t open them, they would just “go away”.  Then, when my employer showed me the garnishment letter from IRS, I realized that I needed help. I was talking to my dentist (who is also my brother-in-law) about the problems I was having.  He said that if anyone could help me, it was Joseph Gray. You had helped him three years ago when he got behind on his taxes and he couldn’t say enough good things about you.

You agreed to meet with me to have a look at my incredible mess.  You told me that you thought you could help me. And with a little nip here and tuck there, you were able to position me financially where I could qualify for an offer in compromise.  You got the garnishment lifted and some of the penalties wiped out – but you made me change my exemptions down to two. That almost killed me, but you explained that if I continued to add to the problem, the IRS wasn’t going to accept my OIC.  You helped me get the delinquent returns filed and that alone was a huge relief!

When we finally filed it, the offer amount was high ($32,000), but it was affordable (thanks to a promise of help from my brother-in-law).  And it was $180,000 less than IRS said I owed so I was hopeful that it would work. Seven months almost to the day after we sent it in, you called me to tell me that you had heard from the IRS and the OIC was accepted.  

I know I’ve said “thank you” about 20 times already, but I’d like to add a few more.  Thank you for being there to help me when I needed it. And thank you for making the process much less painful than I would have thought possible.  I’ve already referred a good friend of mine – she needs you to get her IRS problems straightened out and I know you’ll be able to do for her what you did for me.  You’re a great guy and I always felt I was in good hands working with you. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Robert S. – Visalia, California 


Dear Joe, it is a pleasure to write you a review. I hope it may be an instrument of the Lord to help many more people.

Here you are:

For 14 consecutive years, I dealt with an issue at IRS. From 2004 until 2018, I received countless letters from them because of a supposed issue in my 2004 taxes. During all this time, I knew I didn’t owe them, and for that reason, I hired several professionals to help me, with no success at all.

After talking to Joe, in less than 24 hours he had the whole situation assessed, and brought me one of the most joyful news in my entire life: I was debt free, and my transcripts showed zero balance with the IRS.

I know for sure that without Joe’s expertise that situation would continue to be a ghost in my life for many more years, and I am very, very grateful for his competence and speed in solving the issues.

I would gladly recommend Joseph Gray for whoever needs a serious and knowledgeable tax professional! Thanks Joe!

Joshua, Tulare CA   

Mr. Gray – your introduction to Kevin and myself was Divine intervention.  The turn-around time on getting our lien released was unbelievable – a true statement of your due diligence.  There is no way to ever repay you. Thank you so very much!      

Sandra, Tulare, CA